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With Excel Quote/Invoice Maker, you can easily merge opportunities in Excel to produce quotes and invoices in a snap.

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With Excel Quote/Invoice Maker, you can easily merge opportunities in Excel to produce quotes and invoices in a snap. Excel Quote-Invoice Maker for ACT! makes the generation of quotes and invoices a snap as it gives you the ability to merge opportunity data in your Excel spreadsheets! If your data is already in ACT! you won’t have to retype it. Promise! So simple you won’t believe it It is a simple 3 step process: You select the contact in ACT! You open Excel Quote-Invoice Maker and pick a template You select the sales/opportunities you want to include in the document and click OK. Create your own templates in minutes Excel Quote-Invoice Maker for ACT! makes creating templates a very simple process: in fact, it is as easy as creating a Word template from ACT! All you have to do is select a cell, pick the field you want to insert and click the Insert button. If you have already created your own templates, create a new template with Excel Quote-Invoice Maker then copy and paste the information of your old template in the new template and you are ready to insert ACT! fields. Look at an invoice created with Quote/Invoice Maker. AutoNumber your documents Automatically number your documents with our AutoNumbering system With our AutoNumbering system, you may define as many automatic number formats as you want, one for your quotes, one for your invoices and select it when generating your document. You may also want to look at our AutoNumbers for ACT! Record add-on which, among other features, allows you to automatically autonumbers your opportunities at creation time. Use Excel as a calculator! You may even use the power of Excel to perform calculations and update one or more of the current contact fields with the result of the calculation. Let’s say you want to add User1 and User2 and put the total in User3. You could export User1 and User2 to Excel, have Excel calculate the sum and return it to the User3 field. All you need to do is insert an Excel->ACT field in your template. You may even perform this operation in the background, without opening the merged document. How is it different from Advanced Excel Templates? Advanced Excel Templates exports data from either the Contact table or the Company table or the Group table or the Opportunity table but cannot combine data from 2 tables (a workaround could be to use Copy Data Between Records). Excel Quote-Invoice Maker is designed to export Contact + Opportunity or Company + Opportunity or Group + Opportunity data to Excel. As a consequence, another difference is that Advanced Excel Templates has the ability to export more than one record at a time (for instance you can create 10 documents with data from 10 different contacts at once), but not Excel Quote-Invoice Maker (you can create a quote or invoice with multiple opportunities and products but not multiple quotes or invoices at once). NOTE: Requires Excel 2000 or higher. Compatible with Office 2007 and 2010.

Excel Quote-Invoice Maker


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